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The two photos above show the FOUNDING MEMBERS of the MGB-OAGB CLUB



Front Row (left to right): Mario Musella, Miguel A. Carbajo, Robert Rutledge, Rui Ribeiro, Mervyn Deitel.


Middle Row (left to right): Fernando Ceron, Enrique Luque-de-Leon, Michal Cierny, David Hargroder, Kuldeepak S. Kular, Duc Vuong, Manuel Garciacaballero, Emilio Manno, Gurvinder S. Jammu, Omar Fonseca G. 


Back Row (left to right): Sergio Verboonen, Antonio Susa, Francesco Greco, Villy Vage (behind), Martino Guenzi, Jan A. Apers, Roger Charles Luciano, Karl Rheinwalt. 


(Also attended but not in the above photos: Marcelo Luis Fage, Om Tantia, Mohit Bhanderi, Jean-Marc Chevallier, Ahmed M. Forrig).

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