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Article 1. Formation


The MGB-OAGB club was formed during a dinner-meeting of 38 Founders held at the Steigenberger Hotel in Vienna, Aug. 27, 2015, at the 20th Anniversary Congress of IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity).  The designation “Club” indicates that this is a friendly and supportive academic organization, interested in the dissemination of information about this safe and effective bariatric surgical procedure, which has had past unwarranted skepticism.


Article 2. Names


The acronym MGB-OAGB stands for Mini-Gastric Bypass – One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass, as named by the originators of the two techniques, Dr. Robert Rutledge (USA) and Dr. Miguel A. Carbajo (Spain).


Article 3. Website


The MGB-OAGB club is available at  A closed-group Facebook page is available as well. Both resources are at the moment administered by Drs. Kuldeepak S. Kular.


Article 4. Executive Council


The Club is coordinated by the Executive Council. It is made up of permanent members and temporary members.

  1. Permanent members are the Club founder/director, Dr. Mervyn Deitel (Canada), Founder President Dr K S Kular (India) and the club honorary president, Dr. Robert Rutledge (USA).

  2. The temporary members are the club president, the past-president, the two vice-presidents, and the treasurer.

  3. The designated president takes charge starting each January 1 for one year. At that time, the previous president becomes the past-president, the first vice-president becomes the incoming president, and the second vice-president becomes the first vice-president. This rotation determines that the Executive Council designates only the second vice-president during the annual MGB-OAGB conference.

  4. The past-presidents become permanent members of the Executive Council.

  5. Only the Treasurer may hold the same position for more than one year.




Article 5. Membership


Membership consists of:

Founding members. They are the 38 surgeons who met at Vienna in August 2015 (see Article 1). Their membership is permanent.

Honorary members. Members who, following special achievements in bariatric surgery, are appointed members directly by the Executive Council.

Regular members. Membership becomes active for cooperating surgeons following submission of the application form available on the club website to the President and Director, when 100 MGB-OAGBs have been performed.

Associate members. Surgeons who have performed <100 MGB-OAGBs or practice assistants or advocates.

 No dues are requested at this time.


Article 6. Annual conference


The annual conference is managed and organized by the club president. The club has an official business meeting every year during the annual conference. During this meeting the incoming president and executive council determine where and when the succeeding annual conference is to be held. The president must inform the executive council about any aspect of the conference organization. The executive council authorizes the president to use the name and the logo of the club and the definition “annual conference”.


Article 7. Other meetings


Members of the club may organize events related to MGB-OAGB technique during the year, structured as seminars, live surgery meeting or conferences of one or more days. Members must request permission from the executive council at least three months before the event, for authorization and use of the club name and logo. The executive council following an email consultation may endorse the meeting if it does not interfere with the annual meeting. In no case will such events will be defined “annual conference”

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