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Mgb/oagb club was formed in a formal  meeting on the evening of  27th day of August 2015 held at Steigenberger Hotel, Herrenhof, Vienna under the leadership of Prof.Mervyn Deitel, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus & Founding Editor: Obesity Surgery, Founding Member,Past President & Foundation Award recipient, ASMBS,Founding and Honorary Life Member & 1st Executive Director, IFSO.


The Honorary President of this Club is Robert Rutledge, MD, FACS, who, after performing other bariatric operations, conceived the laparoscopic Mini-Gastric Bypass (MGB) in 1997.  Despite criticism by other bariatric surgeons, he persisted in his knowledge that this is a superior bariatric operation.  The principle of the MGB has since been adopted by an increasing number of bariatric surgeons. Dr. Rutledge has performed 6,400 MGBs with excellent results, and has taught this operation throughout the world.


In 2002, Dr. Manuel Garciacaballero and Dr. Miguel A. Carbajo in Spain modified the MGB to the OAGB (BAGUA) by constructing the gastrojejunostomy between the afferent limb and the side of the pouch, to avoid bile reflux up the gastric conduit.  They have numerous disciples throughout the world. Whether the MGB channel constructed at 3 cm distal to crow’s foot provides equal antireflux to the BAGUA is presently unknown.





A dinner-meeting of 38 Founders was held at the Steigenberger Hotel in Vienna, Aug. 27, 2015, at the 20th Anniversary Congress of IFSO.  The positions below were decided at this inaugural meeting, and preliminary decisions were made which will be discussed at future annual meetings.  The Honorary President will hold this position permanently. The Acting President (Dr. Kular) will hold office for 2 years, with ensuing Presidents holding office for 1 year (guided by the Past-Presidents). The Executive will guide in questions of Membership, and interim decisions will be guided by a Board.

The designation “Club” indicates that this is a friendly and supportive academic organization, interested in the dissemination of information about this safe effective procedure, which has had past unwarranted skepticism.

A website  (note the hyphen) has been arranged by President Kular, and will be open to surgeons readily following application to the Director.  Specifically, Members will be surgeons who have performed >100 MGB/OAGBs and who regard this as their principal operation.  Associate Members will be surgeons with declared interest in the operation.

The website will be closed to the general public.  Announcements, interesting and controversial cases for discussion and opinions, photos, videos, etc. will be displayed. 



Founder & Director: Mervyn Deitel                    email:


Honorary President: Robert Rutledge


1st President: KS Kular (2-yr term after Jan. 1, 2016)


Vice-President: Mario Musella


2nd Vice-President: Manuel Garciacaballero


Honorary Advisor: Pradeep Chowbey 


Executive (2-yr term) (re annual meeting, matters, certification, input and opinions, etc.):  Arun Prasad, Miguel A. Carbajo, Jean-Marc Chevallier, Gurvinder S. Jammu, David Hargroder, Erique Luque de Leon 


Board Members: (2-year term) Om Tantia, Omar Fonseca G, Mohit Bhanderi, Cesare Peraglie, Francesco Greco, Rui Ribeiro, Jan A. Apers, Francesco Greco, Emilio Manno, Roger Charles Luciani

Honorary Advisor:  Pradeep Chowbey


Founding Members: Fernando Ceron, Michal Cierny, Marcelo Luis Fage, Miguel Flores, Martino Guenzi, Luigi Piazza, Hector Pérez, Karl Rheinwalt, Antonio Susa, Villy Vage, Sergio Verboonen


Founding Associate Members:  Ahmed M. Forrig, Duc Vuong                                       


Website:   (To obtain access, contact M. Deitel)


To be considered in future:  "Certification" –  performed >100 MGB/OAGBs as preferred bariatric operation and attended a meeting on this operation, or Dedication to its promotion, or Publication of papers supporting the operation.


* Mgb-oagb  Club  is dedicated to the experts performing mini gastric bypass or one anastomosis gastric bypass surgery .It is not a society , but just a scientific club to share latest mgb/oagb data & publish it.It contains highly professional content only. Please do not share private issues and photos. Membership needs to verified by the Administrator.

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